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The Franchise Package

* Hands in wax is a brand

* Exclusive Trading Territory with huge earnings potential

* Comprehensive 1 day initial training package

* Free advice from our retained accountants before you get started

* Free business coaching sessions

* All sales calls handled and bookings booked centrally

* Website, on-line diary and email set up and maintained for you

* Our in house Google expert to manage your online marketing

* We have over 15 different machines to chose from

Why Buy A Franchise Business?

4 Great Reasons to Consider Purchasing a Franchise of Your Own

While many people incorrectly equate the purchase of a franchise with a business venture that either requires massive amounts of money to buy into a well-established company such as McDonald's or one that has an associated high risk of being "scammed," the reality is that a suitable franchise business truly does exist for everyone... and yes, we do mean everyone.

  1. You're buying into an idea that's already proven to be successful.

    The groundwork has been laid, the initial hurdles have been cleared, and the business has proven its validity. While future success isn't a guarantee, the critical start-up stage of the company has not only been conquered, but the business has succeeded to the point of being able to branch out into franchises.
  2. The management of the business has already been formulated.

    The need to make critical business decisions isn't an issue that franchise owners often experience. From product selection to marketing, the choices have already been made. It's simply up to the franchise owner to carry out the day-to-day business operations.
  3. The support network is already in place.

    You're not "in it alone" when you're dealing with a franchise that offers critical training and guidance. If you have a question, the parent company is often just a quick telephone call away. It's simply in the best interest of the parent company to ensure that its franchisees receive the support that they require to remain in business. There's also little need to spend critical work hours networking to get the business up and going or to keep it progressing forward. That equates to having more time to focus on keeping the business operating smoothly.
  4. Your chances at receiving business financing are greatly improved.

    While it's true that franchises potentially require a greater initial investment, lending agencies are generally more comfortable bankrolling an idea that's already been proven. The franchise's parent company will also often assist you in the potentially overwhelming process of financing your business dream.
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